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On this episode Robert chats with accomplished Sports Photographer Rob Tringali. Robert met Rob back when he was covering the Yankees during his internship with the New York Times back in 2005. Rob's travels the country and world covering sports for some of the top sporting magazines from ESPN to Sports Illustrated. They go into some great detail discussing the changing business landscape in sports photography that's taken place over the past decade, talk about how he got into the business, and much more in this episode of The Photo Brigade Podcast. 

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On this episode Robert chats with co-founder of and, the one and only Grover Sanschagrin. They've been pals for over a decade now and actually met through Sports Shooter, a social community for photographers that Grover created before Facebook. They talk about his career, how the AP Laser Photo System blew his mind in the pre-internet days, making money in the photography industry, following your passion and dreams, as well as his latest venture into the world of Tequilla that resulted in his brief relocation to Mexico and the development of his blog and iPhone app TequilaMatchmaker. So sit back, relax, and sample some high-end Tequilas with Grover and Robert in this episode of The Photo Brigade Podcast! 

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