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In this episode Robert chats with his friend and colleague Jennifer Altman who has been freelancing professionally in her native New York City for over 18 years now. They talk about growing up in New York taking pictures on the subway in route to high school, how interning in college, and editing for both the New York Post and Associated Press led to her freelance shooting career. They discuss the business practices of freelance photography, how she keeps her work diverse and versatile, and the burdens of dealing with copyright infringers in the ever-changing landscape of online sharing. Lastly, they touch on the the importance of marketing and editing your body of work for various clients, how she's been able to balance motherhood with full-time freelancing, and about being a female in a male-dominated industry.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy this episode of The Photo Brigade Podcast!

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On this episode,  Robert met up for coffee in his neighborhood with an up-and-coming photographer named Alex Trautwig, who he met when he started his career as an intern at the New York Times while covering the US Open Tennis tournament back in 2005. Alex was about 14 at the time attempting to shoot sports action with a short lens and a prosumer body. Alex's father is a well-known sports broadcaster, so he grew up around all these amazing sporting events. He reminded Robert of himself at that age, eager and ready to learn, so Robert took him under his wing and let him use his lenses for the day. Since then, they've kept in touch through email and social media and he's been able to see him graduate middle school, high school, college, work at his school paper, intern at Getty Sport, intern with the New York Mets, and grow into a young, professional photographer. They talk about all the steps that let him to where he is today from internships, making connections, and learning the busisness of photograpy. 

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On this episode, Robert visits his good friend Brad Smith who recently became the Director of Photography at Sports Illustrated. Prior to working at SI, Brad was the sports photo editor at The New York Times where he gave Robert his very first assignment for The New York Times when he was an intern back in 2005. Prior to that he was the White House Photo Editor under the Clinton Administration. Brad really gives some great advice to our listeners about getting your work in front of him and others at Sports Illustrated....and guess what, he even share's his email address where you can send your work and submit photos for consideration for the 6 pages of prime real estate in the front of the magazine called the Leading Off Section. They also talk about the new direction in which Sports Illustrated is moving....all really cool stuff. 

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