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In this episode Robert Caplin chats while taking a stroll in Central Park with CS Muncy who's name you may have seen from his many gear reviews and photo features here on CS is both a Manhattan-based freelance photographer for various publications like The Village Voice, New York Daily News, New york times, Wall Street Journal, and Newsday.. He's also a hustler because not only does he chase spot news and protests, but also he's an active duty Air Force photographer by day and commutes daily between his base on Long Island and his apartment in New York's East Village. We talk about why he got into photography in the first place, which was girls, getting started in NYC by making contacts and working for various publications, his work covering the Occupy protests in the city to make a name for himself, his current transition from chasing calamity to quieter subjects. We talk about the education he received as a used camera salesman at BH Photo in New York which led to his camera collection from rescuing the junk cameras. We also talk about some great business topics like diversifying your skill set and client base. So sit Back, Relax, and take a stroll with us through central park in this episode of the Photo Brigade Podcast.

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