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004 - Sara Lewkowicz - Photo Brigade Podcast

In this episode I chat with Sara Lukewitz who is a talented graduate student at Ohio University's School of Visual Communication. If you dont recognize her name, you may have seen her recent project in which she bore witness to an act of domestic violence between a young couple who she was documenting in Lancaster, OH as part of a class project. The incident she documented was published by Time Magazine and other worldwide publications both online and in print. This exposure gave the world a peek into the harsh reality of domestic violence and what battered women face on a daily basis. Sara and I chat about her class project that's helped create an international debate on the topic and on a more more personal note, Sara responds to a debate that many viewers have criticized her for documenting the incident rather than intervening. 


Other topics we cover:

Her beginnings at UNC as a psychology major and as she transisitioned to journalism as a writer, and eventually found her calling in photography

How Insturctor Pat Davidson encouraged her to take a photography class

How social media turned her class project viral after applying for a grant from fotovisura

Why you should value your work and skill and not sacrifice exposure over getting paid for your quality content

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In this podcast Ohio University alumnus Robert Caplin chats with the director of Ohio University's School of Visual Communication, Terry Eiler, who recently announced his retirement as director after over 35 years at the school.

We discuss:

- How Terry got into photography and began his career shooting for local papers in high school.
- His beginnings as an intern at National Geographic and his intense interview with legendary Geographic director Robert Gilka.
- Marrying his wife Lyntha and their fun career shooting projects together for magazines.
- Terry's transition into teaching at Ohio University in the 1970s.
- How he and his father-in-law Chuck Scott, together founded the renowned School of Visual Communications at Ohio University.
- Learn what students go through at OU's VisCom and how their education is shaped, undergraduate sequences, and mid-career graduate sequences.
- Information Design, interactive multimedia, commercial photography, documentary photojournalism.
- Knight Fellowship in Newsroom Graphics Management and scholarship support.
- Learn about Terry's toughest course, his Magazine class.
- Learn about Terry's 28 years of bringing OU students to Scotland for his annual Scotland Field School.
- The importants of internships, workshops, conferences, and building portfolios with versatility, talent, and skill.
- Importance of surrounding yourself with good people.
- Working with people who are better than you, everyday.
- Sharing your knowledge as you get older with people that are younger than you. Pay it forward.
- Learning the unpredictability of photography.
- Learning the business of photography.
- Understanding marketing value, profit-loss statements, and licensing as a freelance photographer.
- Importance of contributing to your retirement funds early as a freelancer and treating your archive and stock photography income as icing on the cake.
- Terry's plans after his retirement: fly fishing. more assignments, visiting past projects.

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In this episode we talk with talented New York City based music and sports photographer David Bergman who is currently on tour as Bon Jovi's tour photographer. David and I talk about his entire career from his humble beginnings as college yearbook photographer, to working as a staffer at the Miami Harald. His move to NYC to build a freelance career. The events that lead to becoming one of Sports Illustrated's go-to freelance photographers, his push to become a big-time tour photographer, how becoming the gigapan man changed his life, and finally why president Obama personally told hem "You got Skillz". Sit back, relax, and enjoy the podcast! 

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