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In our very first episode of The Photo Brigade Podcast hosts Robert Caplin and Mike Isler chat with their good friend, photographer and cinematographer Vincent Laforet, prior too a night of poker with a group of photographers in New York City.

• The business of photography.
• Importance of knowing your cost of doing business.
• Knowing when and how to say no to a client, politely.
• Networking, promotion, marketing, social networking, blogging.
• Having a creative vision, style, and good ideas to separate yourself from the pack.
• Previous photo and video shoots.
• Vincent’s transition from editorial still photography to commercial cinematography and directing.
• Making mistakes and learning from them.
• K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Stupid.
• The art of being prepared before a shoot.
• Collaborating with fellow creatives.
• Helping your colleagues when they’re in the need.

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