The Photo Brigade Podcast

On this episode Robert speaks with Allen Murabayashi, chairman and co-founder of, a platform that Robert has personally used since the service became available back in 2005. PhotoShelter is the backbone to the workflow of many professional photographers who use the service as a redundant, online, and searchable backup of their archives, to deliver files to clients, to sell prints and image licenses, and even as their online portfolio with their stylish BEAM platform. They talk about Allen's background...he's a smart dude having graduated from Yale and was one of the founding employees of which thrust him into the world of technology. A photographer and accomplished musician himself, they also discuss everything from workshops, blogging, Search Engine Optimization, using social media to your advantage, the terms of service around Facebook, their recent changes in their newsfeed algorithm, and his favorite social media these days: Instagram. So sit back, relax and enjoy this episode of The Photo Brigade Podcast. 

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