The Photo Brigade Podcast

On this episode Robert Caplin chat with his friend, the Pulitzer prize-winning, veteran staff photographer for the New York Times, James Estrin. He's a mentor to many, including Robert ever since his first day as an intern at the New York Times in 2005. He's also co-editor and co-founder of the Times' LENS Blog, a hugely popular photography blog sharing the work of photographic legends, newcomers, and all those in-between. They talk about how the LENS Blog came to exist and how James's daily life has changed from shooting full-time, to splitting his time between shooting, editing, and even writing content for LENS. They also chat about his humble background, how he got his position at the NY Times in the early-80's after freelancing for a number of years, portfolio reviews, photo contests, ethics of digital manipulation, the use of Instagram and Social Media, and he gives his advice to photographers looking to follow in his footsteps. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this episode of The Photo Brigade Podcast.

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