The Photo Brigade Podcast

On this episode Robert chats with veteran travel photographer Alison Wright who has been working for National Geographic on numerous assignments and book projects throughout the world. She's been to every continent working for both editorial clients and not-for-profits ranging from the Hellen Keler Foundation, OxFam, US Aid, Save the Children, and UNICEF just to name a few. When a logging truck crashed into her bus in Laos breaking her back, pelvis, ribs, and arm nearly killed her, it only pushed her to live her life by her own terms using her camera to help people and raise awareness around the world. We talk about her lengthy career, projects, passion for her work, along with the business of being a photographer, and many other wild stories from her adventures. So sit back, relax, and join Robert and Alison for a drink at the Mandarin Oriental for this episode of the Photo Brigade Podcast! 

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