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In this episode I chat with my pal and veteran SF Bay-area sports photographer Brad Mangin, who was in NYC this past week to, among other things, speak at the Apple Store in SoHo about his not one, but TWO new books he's just had published. The first, Never Say Die,  a book full of all his great photos of the 2012 World Series Champion SF Giants, and the other Instant Baseball, a book chalk full of all his Instagrams from the same season. We talk a lot about the business of photography, the importance of retaining one's copyright, the recent news of the Chicago Sun Times photo staff being fired .  We find out how one of my favorite websites,, a site he co-founded came to exist. We also learn about how a an early job at Chuckie-Cheese funded Brad's first camera, a $249 Canon AE1!  So sit Back, relax, and enjjoy as we crash our friend Allen's apartment in this episode of the Photo Brigade Podcast.

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