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004 - Sara Lewkowicz - Photo Brigade Podcast

In this episode I chat with Sara Lukewitz who is a talented graduate student at Ohio University's School of Visual Communication. If you dont recognize her name, you may have seen her recent project in which she bore witness to an act of domestic violence between a young couple who she was documenting in Lancaster, OH as part of a class project. The incident she documented was published by Time Magazine and other worldwide publications both online and in print. This exposure gave the world a peek into the harsh reality of domestic violence and what battered women face on a daily basis. Sara and I chat about her class project that's helped create an international debate on the topic and on a more more personal note, Sara responds to a debate that many viewers have criticized her for documenting the incident rather than intervening. 


Other topics we cover:

Her beginnings at UNC as a psychology major and as she transisitioned to journalism as a writer, and eventually found her calling in photography

How Insturctor Pat Davidson encouraged her to take a photography class

How social media turned her class project viral after applying for a grant from fotovisura

Why you should value your work and skill and not sacrifice exposure over getting paid for your quality content

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