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On this episode Robert Caplin follows up with his friend and Ohio Bobcat graduate student Sara Lewkowicz. Robert first chatted Sara with on Podcast #4 last year just after she had shot a powerful project on domestic violence that began as a simple class assignment in her Photojournalism sequence at Ohio University. After documenting a violent exchange between a couple she began documenting, her project began to gain national and international acclaim after it was published in TIME Magazine. Since then, Sara has won a host of awards, grants, and even her upcoming internship at National Geographic Magazine as part of her College Photographer Of the Year win. They talk about going through all that, what's next, and much more. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this episode of The Photo Brigade Podcast.

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On this episode Robert chats with his friend and fellow Ohio Bobcat alumnus, Marcus Yam who is currently serving as a 3 -year resident photojournalist at the Seattle Times. Before photography, Marcus was on the path to becoming, get this, a rocket scientist, but changed his career path by attending graduate school at Ohio University's School of Visual Communication a few years after Robert graduated. He came to New York and apprenticed with Robert for a bit and soon after graduation, like Robert, landed an internship at The New York Times. There continued on as a freelancer working on amazing projects where he won a host of awards including an Emmy. There's something really special about Marcus from his humility, his generosity, and tremendous love for life. There's so many quotes and words of wisdom that come out in my chat with him, so get your notebook ready! Sit back, relax, and enjoy this episode of The Photo Brigade podcast.

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On this episode Robert chat with Jared Polin, Mr. Fro himself, a photojournalist specializing in documentary in the music industry who runs a really fun photography website called If you haven't heard or seen his video podcasts, you're in for a treat...he's got quite a personality and his website is full of fun and informative videos about the latest gear and tutorials on lighting, photography, and much much more. They talk about the origin of his afro, his beginning in photography with his mother's Fuji Discovery 2000, covering the Philadelphia Flyers season at the ripe age of 16, schooling at the Antonelli institute in Philadelphia, dealing with the music industry, those pesky concert rights-grabbing releases, the Terms of Service on social media platforms and more. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this episode of The Photo Brigade Podcast! 

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On this episode Robert sat down for a chat last month with his friends Matt Slaby and Kevin German of the visual agency LUCEO. They've worked to build a brand for their visual style offering everything from stills, filmmaking, production, and more. With a background in law, Matt splits his time between New York and Denver. Kevin has a background in newspaper photography which he left to moved to Vietnam for years and is now currently based in Paris. They're both constantly traveling the world to provide high-end visuals to their clients. They talk about the use of social medial, the terms of service, the recent controversy revolving around press access to the White House, copyright, LUCEO's annual student award, Slaby's Carhart fashion, his colorblindness, and much, much, more. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this episode of The Photo Brigade Podcast!

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On this episode Robert chats with his good friend Vincent Laforet whose photojournalism work caught Robert's eye over a decade ago when he was a college student at Ohio University. Lately Vincent is known mostly for his work in the film industry, a transition he's made over the past 6 years, and now many don't realize his background began in journalism. Straight out of college he spent over 300 days per year covering sporting events for Allsport, which later became Getty. He was later hired as a New York Times staff photographer where he shared a Pulitzer prize for his work in Afghanistan and Pakistan in 2002. They talk about his background from the age of 15 when his father first  put a camera in his hands, to working his way through college at Northwestern University, his internships, and his transition from a top photojournalist into a successful film director who just completed his first big-time campaign with Nike. Oh, he also just wrecked his right arm shattering it in a dune buggy accident in the deserts of Dubai. Robert took advantage of Vincent's fragile state as he recovered a few blocks from Robert's apartment in Manhattan. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this episode of The Photo Brigade Podcast.

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On this episode Robert Caplin chat with his friend, the Pulitzer prize-winning, veteran staff photographer for the New York Times, James Estrin. He's a mentor to many, including Robert ever since his first day as an intern at the New York Times in 2005. He's also co-editor and co-founder of the Times' LENS Blog, a hugely popular photography blog sharing the work of photographic legends, newcomers, and all those in-between. They talk about how the LENS Blog came to exist and how James's daily life has changed from shooting full-time, to splitting his time between shooting, editing, and even writing content for LENS. They also chat about his humble background, how he got his position at the NY Times in the early-80's after freelancing for a number of years, portfolio reviews, photo contests, ethics of digital manipulation, the use of Instagram and Social Media, and he gives his advice to photographers looking to follow in his footsteps. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this episode of The Photo Brigade Podcast.

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On this episode Robert chat with his long-time friend and mentor, Doral Chenoweth III who is a full-time videographer for the Columbus Dispatch in Columbus OH. Robert interned at The Dispatch during college about 12 years ago when Doral was working as a still photographer and photo editor. He started his career in 5th Grade by taking photos to accompany his mother's articles for a small paper in Logan, OH. After graduating from Ohio State, he interned at the The Dispatch, took a job in south Carolina, before being hired full-time at The Dispatch where he's been taking beautiful photos and videos ever since. They talk about his transition from stills to video, life working for a daily publication, and his amazing personal projects he's produced by regularly traveling to Africa with his family donating his labor and photography skills to an orphanage and Habitat for Humanity. Simply put, Doral is a good man. Sit Back, relax, and enjoy this episode of The Photo Brigade Podcast. 

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