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On this episode Robert chats with his good friend Vincent Laforet whose photojournalism work caught Robert's eye over a decade ago when he was a college student at Ohio University. Lately Vincent is known mostly for his work in the film industry, a transition he's made over the past 6 years, and now many don't realize his background began in journalism. Straight out of college he spent over 300 days per year covering sporting events for Allsport, which later became Getty. He was later hired as a New York Times staff photographer where he shared a Pulitzer prize for his work in Afghanistan and Pakistan in 2002. They talk about his background from the age of 15 when his father first  put a camera in his hands, to working his way through college at Northwestern University, his internships, and his transition from a top photojournalist into a successful film director who just completed his first big-time campaign with Nike. Oh, he also just wrecked his right arm shattering it in a dune buggy accident in the deserts of Dubai. Robert took advantage of Vincent's fragile state as he recovered a few blocks from Robert's apartment in Manhattan. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this episode of The Photo Brigade Podcast.

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